Who is sAmAnA ?

SAMANA is a unique provider of Bohemian, artistic, eclectic home furnishings. Samana features one-of-a-kind furnishings, decorative accessories, and gifts discovered from around the world as well as designed and enhanced by SAMANA artists.   Our private retail wherehouse is located in Aptos, CA.

The inspiration for the name, SAMANA, came from an ancient Hindu philosophy that was practiced by wandering monks who emphasized individualized, "unconventional" forms and traditions on the path toward enlightenment.   So now, SAMANA and its colleagues do so too, wander the world only to return with eclectic, untraditional inspirations and treasures that may brighten and bring to life your home, work, or favorite spaces.

Who visits sAmAnA ?

People with an artstic, eclectic, bohemian-slash-creative flair with a distinctive sense of color and texture find their way into SAMANA. SAMANA is for those looking to enhance, inspire, and personalize their homes and environment.  SAMANA is a favorite for designers looking for that special something. That one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will have. And for those of you who haven't yet tapped into your creative spirit, we are here to help!  That's part of the fun. Come discover what moves you; come in and explore with us. We are very popular with Europeans, people who have traveled extensively, and with the design community.

What sAmAnA offers ...

SAMANA features a wide array of home furnishings for the unconventional taste. We cater to the eclectic, bohemian audience who approach interior design with a fun, provocative eye. It's about what's personal. What's meaningful. What's fun and what's provocative. SAMANA is about individuality.  What's simply "you" and no one else.

What sAmAnA offers ...

SANDY MARTINEZ - Sandy was born in Argentina, the end of the world in her opinion. She grew up with the travel bug and it was only a matter of time before she started exploring the rest of Latin America. With a knack to adapt easily to other cultures, she expanded her horizons, pursuing adventures in other parts of the world. Purchasing beautiful things and “buying without guilt,” as she puts it, came as a natural consequence. SAMANA was born of a much-loved hobbie and ironically, the name she chose, "SAMANA," translates as unconventional, a word that mirrors her own “unconventional” life.

An online store from the San Francisco Bay Area. A global source for the eclectic.

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